2019/06/17 – CVPR 2019 Workshop

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競賽:CVPR 2019 Workshop and Challenge: Data Challenge
人員:Chu-Song Chen、Chien-Hung Chen、You-Yue Huang、Ping-Wei Huang、Jia-Jung Shao
地點: Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA, USA

2019/06/10 – ICMR 2019 研討會

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會議:ICMR 2019
論文:Increasingly Packing Multiple Facial-Informatics Modules in A Unified Deep-Learning Model via Lifelong Learning
人員:Steven C. Y. Hung, Jia-Hong Lee, Timmy S. T. Wan, Chein-Hung Chen, Yi-Ming Chan, and Chu-Song Chen
地點: University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

2019/01/10 – 演講參與

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主題:Hardware-Centric AutoML: Design Automation for Efficient Deep Learning Computing
講者:美國麻省理工學院 韓松教授
地點:國立清華大學 資電館 B1 演講廳