LWadmin01/ 27 12 月, 2021/ Event, Speech

主   題 :Scene Text Detection and Recognition – A Traditional Chinese Scene Text Recognition Competition
主 講 人 :蘇柏齊 教授 (Prof. Po-Chyi Su)
主講人單位 :國立中央大學資訊工程學系 (Departmant of Computer Science, NCU)
邀 請 人 :陳祝嵩 教授 (Prof. Chu-Song Chen)
地   點 :台大德田館 R103 (R103, CSIE, NTU)
時   間 :星期五,2021/12/24 15:40~17:00


Prof. Su introduced the development of scene text detection and recognition and their challenges. The review gave the students a thorough understanding of scene text research. In addition, Prof. Su presented the constructed Traditional Chinese Scene Text Dataset for a series of AICUP2021 competitions, which set a significant benchmark for the domestic research fields. The entire speech was comprehensive and inspiring for the students to begin scene text research.
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